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The term ‘Online Business’ is quite common in recent times. Also referred to as e-business, an online business can be defined as any business that is done over the internet to sell products, services, or advertising, online. It is technically referred to as the term utilized for any kind of business deal that includes the sharing of information or data over the World Wide Web.

Running an online business has multiple advantages and convenience, and has a lot of pitfalls too if you are involved in any online business without knowing properly what you are doing. If you are involved in some kind of online business or wanting to start one, you will have to know and take care of certain things for your business to grow and flourish.

Here is a list of things that you must consider seriously before you start your online venture:

1. Your every little action counts:

The idea here is to tell you that every step you take towards your goal (here your online business) counts. It is good to have bigger dreams but ignore the powers of smaller steps. Your actions have to be effective. Find more effective action tasks, and believe, that you will find many of these smaller tasks that are very critical to the success of your business.

2. Know that getting rich is not quick and easy:

You might be overwhelmed with the success stories you have read or been told about people and their online businesses, but it is never quick and easy. With online business, people need to find you, make sure that you have a plan and you work on them. Your offers are persuasive and are credible. Be the force in motion and you will remain in motion.

3. Build your relationship:

The golden rule of business success is ‘networking’. After you have your set-up ready and before you start your online venture, make sure you connect with people. The best way is to meet with people in a forum like LinkedIn and alike. Learn about them, tell them about yourself, and seek advice and suggestions.

4. Know about your leads:

In the beginning, you might not be so eager to know how a certain lead has come to you, you ignore it. But, it is vital to know how they find you. After all, if you do not keep a tab of your best channels, how will you leverage them?

Found out about every lead that comes to you – is it from within your network or via referral or has Google helped you out. Remember that 80% of the revenue will come from 20% of the sources within and it is important to know these sources so that you can effectively spend more of your time over these sources advertising your business.

5. Set up an e-mail list:

Start an e-mail list much before you are ready to go with your online business. Start with something like a ‘coming soon’ caption and try to capture the lead for future use. send content-based e-mails to people including one promo/sales-based e-mail. If possible offer something for people to open and read your emails.

6. Set up your budget:

Predetermine your spending on your online venture and be ready to lose the same if your business fails. Never borrow to fund your project. Try and set up a budget and an accounting program. Never take chances and over-spend.

7. Invest in marketing:

Marketing can take your business to places. Trust your instincts and invest in yourself – invest in your business marketing to reach out to people and let them know about your business.

8. Have realistic expectations with earnings:

Never go for the hype, and wait with patience for your opportunity. Don’t expect to wake up in the morning and check the sales report to see you have made tons of sales. Concentrate on your real earning potentials, encourage them to stay with you, and ask them what they think about you.

9. Don’t compare yourself:

This is one of the biggest mistakes most online startup businesses do – compare themselves with the ones who are old in the business. This makes you land up getting frustrated as you compare your weakness with their strengths. Comparing will snatch away your focus, motivation, and the joy of doing a business.

10. Start with service and focus on products:

When you start your online business, you will have more time than money. This is the time when you should focus on your client and their service with a focus on your end products. Keep perfecting your services and keep launching your products simultaneously.

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