It is never an easy task to predict the future, especially in the PPC’s world. It remains a little bit tough to stay on the top with all updates of Google, Bing, and YouTube. It is somehow tough to learn new things and adapt changes. Here, in this handout, we are sharing five top PPC trends for the upcoming year and explaining how these help the marketers to increase their paid search performamnce can. The list of five best PPC trends for 2020 is given below;

  1. Segmentation of Audience:

This trend includes taking with a group of people that gets interacted with you online through the CRM database or your particular website. It can also get connected through a YouTube Channel or other social media channels. Audience segmentation allows you to decrease or increase the bids for making sure that you are important to your audience more or less on the basis of the value. The value of business is considered here. This way would seem to be in-depth. However, it is the most basic method to use your audience on your website. Moreover, you can start by breaking them into specific groups or buckets as you gather more and more information on the audiences and customers. You can even make your messages more personalized.

  1. Account and Automation Management

Automation has already been started but it will gain more importance in the coming year 2020. You would have already seen automation management in many ways;

  • PPC optimization: It is an automating ability gets generated for your website to identify the opportunities that are within your PPC that need to make changes in your site. And it also improves performance and account hygienic of your company’s website.
  • PPC account management: It is task of generating automating rules within your own account for managing bidding on the products and managing daily account tasks.


  1. Voice Search

According to ComScore, 50% of all Google searches will include visual and voice searches by the year 2020.

This would mean that the long-tailed search terms, which can trigger ads to appear on the internet. These are likely to change as more and more people interact with a group of people in a more conversational way by using the devices that enable voice conversation on Internet. We are still far away from voice search.

  1. Visual Search

Google searches are becoming more visual these days. With this feature, now you can even upload pictures to a search engine to find proper results depending upon the images that you upload on Google. This development has first come from the social media networks like after release of Pinterest.

  1. SEO and PPC Integration

The integration of SEO and PPC is very important area to move forward in 2020. Both these, SEO and PPC have their separate benefits and disadvantages. However, you can use both of these together to get maximized results. You can make efforts to integrate both SEO and PPC in 2020 through;

  • Unearthing of keyword
  • Using best keyword positioning strategy
  • Sharing data
  • Increasing search engine ranking coverage

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