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SEO is one of the very common subjects nowadays but not all website owners use it in their Advantage.  If it is done correctly, it can make your website appear on the first page or even Higher in Ranking on popular Search Engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search Engine optimization is a big part of the internet and without it you will be stuck roaming around wondering why you do not get as many visitors as you should. If you are Not Highly ranked in Google basically on the first Couple of pages of Google Search Engine results for your chosen keyword, then your website might as well not exist as the amount of traffic you will get will be very low to zilch.

If you have a website and want the best ranking results possible, then try some of these great tips before you throw money at one of the cheap SEO packages. By performing these three easy techniques you can send your rankings through the roof.

1. Post Useful or Relevant Content: Content is your King. Quality Content is the Number one driver of your search engine rankings and there is no substitute for great Content. Quality Content created specifically for increasing user in your site which improves your site authority and relevance.

Always update Your Content. Regularly Updated Content is viewed as one of the best indicator’s of site relevancy, so be sure and always keep it fresh.

2. Improve your page Load Speed: Speed is very important for a website. It is so important that Google has made it an actual ranking factor.

Here are some reasons that why should you care about page speed

  • Impacts Analytics: A faster site will record more visitors because the analytics tags will load sooner. If a person leaves before the tag is fired, they won’t be recorded in the analytics system.
  • Impacts user Experience: you want visitors to have a fast and smooth experience. Any Delay or lag in their action is noticeable.

Quick Tips to boost your website page load speed:

  • Optimize Your Images
  • Remove renders Blocking Java Script
  • Improve Your Server Response time
  • Reduce your number of redirects
  • Enable browser caching

3. Optimize For Mobile: With nearly 40% of the traffic comes from Mobile devices in 2015. It’s highly surprising that website with a mobile friendly interface will rank higher in Google searches. They beauty of using a Mobile responsive theme is that you can save your resources. That’s because you no longer need to develop a mobile version of your site.

4. Generate Social Media Engagement: Search engine optimization is all about gaining Visibility and Getting More people to organically visit your website. An Effective Social Media strategy has to have a solid plan in place, because both of them go hand and in hand. The right Type of Social media Content publishes on a regular basis can make a huge difference to your overall content marketing campaign.

5. URL Structure: A URL is one of the most important things that a search engine uses to in order to determine a page Rank. These can be done by Keeping URL Short.

Quick Tip to Optimize Your URL’s

  • Use your target keyword
  • Keep It Short and simple
  • Make it as close to the Root Domain as possible

These are Few Methods that will help you to boost your Rankings. No will patronize your website and business if no-one knows that it Exist. SEO could come in handy, but it will take a while before you see results.

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