Once we start blogging, we expect our blogs to rank higher in the significantly less period. Well, it doesn’t happen, so 99 percent of the time. Only 1 percent of people can rank their blogs easily in significantly less period. But how do they do so? In this post, we will provide you with excellent tips that will help boost your blog’s rankings instantly!

As we know, keyword research is the most crucial step if we want our blogs to rank super fast. The wrong keyword research may take years for your blog to even come in the top 10. Well, you don’t want that. Therefore, instead of directly focusing on random keywords with minimal research, let’s make you understand how you can easily rank your blogs within 48 hours with the help of the keyword golden ratio (KGR).

What is the Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR)?

 First things first. Before we start, it is essential to understand what precisely the keyword golden ratio is. The keyword golden ratio is the data-driven method to find keywords that are significantly underestimated on the internet. These keywords have good CPC and high potential to rank within significantly less period.

Therefore, if you search a keyword-based on this concept and publish an engaging piece of content targeting that specific keyword, your article can rank within the top 50 if your article is brand new. Whereas if your website has good domain authority, your KGR based piece of content can rank easily within the top 25 and come in the top 10 in very few days.

The formula for the Keyword Golden ratio- KGR= No. Of all in title results/search volume

  • If the result of the calculation is <0.25, Great.
  • If the result of the calculation is 0.25-1.00, it might work.
  • If the result of the calculation is 1.00<, bad

With these parameters’ help, you can easily decide which keyword you should focus on and which not.


How is the keyword golden ratio useful (KGR)?

 Though the key can serve all the bloggers, it still serves the best for the three main reasons mentioned below.

  1. Blogging is time-consuming work. If people do not get traffic at any time, they tend to drop their careers. Therefore, it helps the newbies to get instant traffic on their website, which keeps them motivated throughout the journey.
  2. You can easily prioritize which content you need to publish on your blog and which not. This will reduce the confusion of searching for more keywords with different and more complex statistics.
  3. Though it is a manual process that takes a lot of your efforts to create that database, people cannot pull it off for you quickly as they can do with easy keywords that are not based on this concept.

Keyword Golden ratio Success Story

Before we dive into the elaborated information and features of the keyword golden ratio formula, let’s review a KGR based case study to prove that KGR can bring immense traffic in boosted revenue for your website.

So basically, I worked with the amazon affiliate. Therefore, I can show here the earnings too apart from the traffic improvements.

During the start when I learned about the KGR concept, I published around 200 blog posts on the keywords which were purely focused on the KGR for continuous 5 months. Trust me, the results were absolutely amazing.

My website directly went from 90$ to straight $15000 in just 12 months! Not only this my traffic also got boosted by 800 percent.

Keyword Golden ratio Success Story

Here are some details about the formula and the process that I personally followed-

  • I started by publishing 20 posts based on the KGR concept and after seeing the positive results I planned to scale up to check whether it can provide me with 10x results or not.
  • I planned the goal of publishing 200 posts. It made the publishing process a little slow. Therefore, I managed to publish 7 posts in the first month. By the end of 5th month there were 60 live posts on my blog
  • The growth of my blog was gradual at first, but then a good amount of traffic popped up right after publishing 200 blog posts related to this concept.
  • I didn’t follow any link building process during the first 1 2 months. Though the site already had some existing links via guest blogging.
  • Earnings followed the traffic growth and grew close to 15000$ by the end of December.

Here are some details about the formula and the process that I personally followed

How is the keyword golden ratio calculated and used for keyword research?

How is the keyword golden ratio calculated and used for keyword research

So, the keyword golden ratio (KGR) is the number of Google results that have the exact keyword phrase that you want to target in the title. This number is divided by the monthly search volume of that keyword, where the search volume should be less than 250.

  • If the KGR is less than 0.25, then your article or blog post will rank in the top 50 as soon as your article is indexed on google. Also, make sure that you do not forget to index your articles on the google search console regularly.
  • Even if the keyword golden ratio lies somewhere between 0.25-1 you can still easily rank in top250 and come in the top 50 very fast.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to stick to the formula and the keywords which purely lie under 0.25 at the beginning. Later on, you can experiment with some other KGR ratios to test the potential of certain keywords and your website authority.


Details About The Keyword Golden Ratio Formula

 Usually, people target the keywords which fall under the 0.25 KGR for the following reasons:

  1. The keywords with lesser search volume can rank faster in google than any other keywords. Therefore, the keyword with 250 search volume tends to rank faster than a keyword with 2500 searches every month.
  2. The majority of the people tend to target the keywords with high search volume because of more profit potential. Hence, this type of targeting for short-tail keywords increases the competition for short-tail keywords.
  3. Therefore, the best way to rank your post with the help of the keyword golden ratio is to target the keywords under 0.25.
  4. The KGR of 0.25 and the maximum search volume of 250 will end up with 63-65 all in title pages. This means that 63 to 65 web pages are targeting the same keyword phrase by using them in their titles.


What is Allintitle?

 Allintitle is known as the advanced google search operator that represents the results that have the exact same words in the meta field of the post.

What is Allintitle

Well, if you do the over usage of the allintitle operator, google marks you as spam. Still, you can use the operator a certain number of times. As google stops the usage as it seems the user is trying to do the automatic scraping of the data. Once you exceed the limit of using the allintitle operator, then you have to enter the captcha to prove that you are not a robot.


are not a robot

Ultra Long Tail Keywords And Google Sandbox

What is Google sandbox?

 The google sandbox is the idea that takes some time for Google to allow a new website to rank quickly. The idea of the sandbox has been existing around for years, but it is difficult to prove whether it exists or not.

Therefore, it is recommended to use the long and ultra long-tail keywords to get traffic faster in an organic way from the search engines. Also, if in some cases you are not able to get sandbox and your site doesn’t rank on google still you will have a decent amount of traffic on your new website.

Does the KGR really cut the sandbox?

Effectively, yes. The Sandbox has the potential to cut off the KGR concept. Still, it is very difficult to prove as there are many other variables to play around with.

Long-tail keywords VS Short tail keywords

Long-tail keywords VS Short tail keywords

The keywords usually with higher search volume is more competitive than the keywords with lesser search volume. Similarly, the short-tail keywords tend to have a higher search volume, hence is very difficult to rank for especially for a new website. Whereas it is easy to rank a new website or get a good amount of traffic by targeting; long-tail keywords that have less search volume.

How to use a keyword tool for finding the keyword golden ratio terms?

 Now, let’s pick one example and check how to find the keyword golden ratio based keywords to rank your site faster with a good amount of traffic in the initial stages.

Here we are going to take a very common niche, like the shaver niche. Well, we try not to reveal anyone’s keywords as it takes a lot of effort to search for these appropriate terms.

  1. The first step is to find the relevant keyword ideas by brainstorming. You can also use the google auto suggest with a format like “best- product type”, “for (user type)”. You can manually go for this method and it generally looks like this.

    How to use a keyword tool for finding the keyword golden ratio terms

You can also save a lot of your time by using a keyword research tool. Such as keyword finder which comes with advanced filtering options, and the keyword difficulty metric stats.

  1. First select the autocomplete and enter your search related key phrase. Then click on the find keywords button.

search related key phrase

Now, you will find the unfiltered list of keywords. Here in this list, we have got somewhere around 300 keywords. Here at this step, we only care about the search volume and keyword difficulty; the parameters are not important for now.

important for now

“In this example, we have left the geography filter set to anywhere. You can select your target location.”

  1. Filter the keywords which have a search volume higher than 250. As the KGR requires the search volume under 250 searches per month. That implies that we can easily get rid of the keywords which have greater search volume and those about which we do not care about.

Now, enter in 250 for the max search volume in the filter.

250 for the max search volume in the filter

Click the blue set filter button and now you will get the list, which is refined by removing the highest search volumes.

removing the highest search volumes

Now, we have many options for the keywords which have a search volume under 20. You can also experiment more with different parameters like keyword difficulty.

search volume under 20

  1. In this step, you need to find the number of websites with exact matching titles. Now you need to check the allintitle with the advanced google search command.

You can do that by typing allintitle: and the exact search phrase without any space and quotes. It is recommended not to enter the quotes as that will throw off your calculations. Google represents the number of results which will the numerator part of the formula.

allintitle: and the exact search phrase

Here we see that there are 22 results and hence we can plug that into the keyword golden ratio formula.

As we can see that the result is 0.14 which means that we have got the best KGR compliant terms.

One of the best time-saving features of the keyword finder tool is or provides you with many different parameters to help you to make a more accurate competition analysis. Which proves it to be a great keyword research tool.

great keyword research tool

Looking at the same list we can finalize more keyword phrases. Let’s check one of the keywords here,

check one of the keywords here

This means that there are zero allintitle results. This means that KGR is 0 and it falls in the under 0.25 parameter. Which makes it a great keyword to target.

Let’s check one last example.

Let's check one last example

Here, we can see the 4 results. So by applying the formula of KGR.

KGR= Allintitle/divided by search volume.

Hence kGR is 0.13 which is again a good key phrase to target.


What about the non-keyword golden ratio terms?

What about the non-keyword golden ratio terms


So now, here I have found a great keyword named “black shaver for men” with a decent keyword difficulty of 20. Let’s check the allintitle of the keyword.

allintitle of the keyword

Wow! Only 50 results are available by searching for the output. Which seems great right. Now, let’s check out the KGR for this keyword.

So, the KGR comes out to be 0.045. So what do you think? Is it a KGR compliant keyword? Definitely no. It is a fine keyword and the KGR is also great. But it doesn’t fulfill the requirements of the 0.25 sweet spot of the KGR.


Use your spreadsheet to check allintitle faster

It is Very time-consuming process to click back and forth from the keyword finder to google and copy-paste your data.

To help you out with this issue. We will help you in making a spreadsheet with the help of which you check your allintitle faster.

You can simply fill the spreadsheet with the list of keywords and search volume from your specific keyword research tool. The column is hence auto-populated with the hyperlinks that contain the allintitle as the keywords.

Once you fill in all the allintitle results and the search volume you can easily check the KGR with the help of a formula applied in the spreadsheet. A, a, a The cells will turn green or red depending on the value of the KGR ratio.

Use your spreadsheet to check allintitle faster


Also, do not forget to make a copy of your copy so that you edit the sheet whenever you want.


the sheet whenever you want


Which is a better keyword difficulty or the keyword golden ratio?

Both the parameters named keyword difficulty and keyword golden ratio can be very helpful in determining the best keywords to target. So basically you don’t have to choose specifically between KD and KGR as both can be correct. Still, here is a core difference between the 2 parameters.

The keyword difficulty parameter from keyword finder is based on the link profile strength (LPS) of the web pages that are already ranking. Whereas, the keyword golden ratio is based on the sites that have that specific keyword in their titles.

While finding the appropriate keyword with the keyword difficulty parameter, it takes into account the following data:

  • Domain authority from Moz
  • Page authority from Moz
  • Citation flow from majestic
  • Trust flow from majestic

While finding the appropriate keyword with the keyword golden ratio parameter, it takes into account the following data:

  • It checks whether the webmaster is specifically targeting the keyword or not
  • If the webmaster doesn’t put the phrase in the title it means that they are not intentionally targeting the keyword


Hence, both the parameters play a very important role in deciding the appropriate keyword that you can target to rank your blog.

So, if you have found a keyword or a key phrase that is perfect according to the keyword golden ratio guidelines, then you have got a precious keyword and you should work on that.Whereas if you have found a keyword that has a poor KGR with Kd then it is probably a tough keyword to rank for.


The drawbacks associated with KGR


Well, it is not a complete ruse. There are some thorns too. Hence, you need to understand what are the drawbacks of working on the KGR concept. Let’s have a look at them.


  • Keyword stuffing


You should not use the keyword phrase too often. Especially if it is a long-tail keyword. It should not be used more than 4 times. As the repeated usage of long-tail keywords seems unnatural in your content.

  • KGR keywords that may not rank


Well, this might be a very disappointing drawback. But you need to understand the logic behind this. Even though your key phrase may fall in the category of KGR but still Google has already figured out the searches that the majority of the users are interested in. Therefore, make sure you search for the type of sites you get to see while searching for that specific keyword in Google. This will give you a clearer idea about the related websites and searches.


Difficulty in finding the keyword golden ratio tractable terms or phrases


It is very difficult to find a great keyword and only practice can make you perfect. Also, the process of finding the KGR compliant becomes very easy with the help of the keyword finder tool.

If you do not use the keyword finder tool you need to carry out the whole process manually which makes the process highly tedious.


Trying only one KGR tractable term or phrase


It is highly not recommended to try out only keyword phrases related to the keyword golden ratio concept. If you want to test your website then we will recommend you to try out at least 25 KGR compliant keywords.

As not all keywords may give the best results for your website. Therefore, make sure you try a different set of KGR keywords to see the new stats and magic of your website.


FAQs about the keyword golden ratio

  1. How can I automate the process of finding KGR keywords? Is there any tool that can help me?

No, till now there is no such tool that can automate this process for you. The repetitive captcha entering process becomes a little tedious for the developer.

Though you can still configure the app. But it will kill the profit margins. Still, you can go for that if you are interested.


  1. How to decide if the keyword research tools show different search volumes?

The best answer to this problem is to stick with one keyword research tool and focus on that. As all the keyword research tools show the rough estimates of the search volume, so does Google. Therefore sticking with one keyword research can help you in the long run.

Also, different keyword research tools have different searching algorithms therefore the exact number doesn’t matter much.


  1. What is more important, the relative volume compared to other keywords, for example, keyword X gets 3 times more searches than keyword Y?

Sometimes, the keyword golden ratio can perform in the unexpected nature of the keyword search volumes.

  1. I have found a keyword that falls in the 0.25 aspects of the KGR but has a search volume of over 250. Now, what should I do?

Well, you should go for it. As you have found a KGR term that has relatively very little competition, which eventually increases your chances to get good rankings.


  1. Are there any exceptions for the KGR that we can rely on?

So, if your site is brand new and has some good domain authority percentage then you can go for KGR as a reference guide. There is no strict rule to follow.

You can go a little looser with the keywords and target for a keyword having search volumes around 1000.




So here is everything you need to know about the keyword golden ratio. Also, nobody can stop you now from ranking your blog higher on the search engine. Don’t be curious anymore, and start working on this fantastic technique that will rank your blogs higher within a short period.

Refrence Link: https://mangools.com/blog/keyword-golden-ratio/

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