How to Use a Sales Funnel Approach For Online Sales

With online sales, there has to be a proper approach towards attracting prospective customers, so that they can progressively work through the sales cycle. For all online sales marketers selling products online, one of the areas that need to minutely work with is the sales funnel approach for running customers through varied price points.

What are sales funnels?

If you see a physical funnel, you will understand what a marketing sales funnel is and what is its function. The wide-open end of the funnel is where the leads are gathered for a product or an offer. How you gather leads from the target market may vary.

Experts say that one of the best ways for customers to gather here and enter the funnel is by offering them some sort of education or a gift or offer. People like to do business with you when they like you and your products and regard you as one of the best. Hence, it is up to you to make your customers trust your prospects. When you deliver good value and show genuine interest at the funnel’s entry point, people will have the belief that you know them. The more value you make in the offerings the more chances you have in getting with your customers.

Once you have established a relationship with your customers, you are in a better position to offer your products that are low costs, but with massive value. This way the prospects become your clients and then you can approach them with high-priced items with higher-priced products and they will be convinced even the item is priced high.

The basic stages of a sales funnel are Awareness; Interest, Decision, and Action.

The basic idea behind this sales funnels approach for online sales is creating a progression of increasingly highly-priced items. This is because with the sales funnel approach the client to become more acquainted with you and your products and begin purchasing more expensive items.

Like many others, you may also be wondering that how some of your clients come to you for some products and go elsewhere for other products. This happens when you do not operate with the sales funnel approach. More often than that, you may not be going deep enough or look onto more lucrative avenues. Hence, the prospects don’t progress beyond certain limits and well through the funnel.

Create your own sales funnel

Here is a step-wise approach to creating your own sales funnel.

  • Understanding your customers by gathering more and more data. Interact with your customers and you will understand their needs and frustrations, and how you can help them solve their issues.
  • Identify and create buyer’s persona. All customers are not equal as each one will have a separate reason to buy a product, each one will use it in a different way and each one will make their buying decision in a different way. It is always better to create a separate funnel for the category of the buyer to match their experience in a better way.
  • Make use of traffic and lead generation strategies. Make use of Google ad words, and different social media ads, SEO, and others.
  • Engage your buyers. Engage them with you through blog posts, podcasts, videos, webinars, and more.
  • Convert prospects into customers. Make use of strategies like sales calls, emails, sales and product pages, webinars, and alike.

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